Born of the Woodlands



Woodland Spirit is pleased to offer unique traditional handcrafted furniture.

These unique pieces of furniture are only available from Woodland Spirit and are never sold by a second party.

All our furniture is made from solid timber that we can trace right back to where the tree was felled locally within Rutland and surrounding areas. After harvesting and replanting anew, all our timber is then air dried for several years to produce a more stable timber , most of  our table tops requiring a minimum of two years drying time as standard.

As timber is a natural product there will be  as a matter of course naturally occurring splits and knurling.

The small splits that can be seen in some of the furniture  on this site are a natural part of the growing tree and these are prevented from developing further by the addition of the decorative teak ties, these splits that occur from time to time  have no detriment to the strength of each piece and adds to its uniqueness.


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